Mold Building

Getting a mold right is critical to the success of any project in which a plastic precision part is being manufactured. Whether it’s a mold build, mold modifications, mold repairs or preventative mold maintenance, the coordinated effort of Phoenix Tool’s engineers and toolmakers allows for fast results, while still meeting the standards of the most demanding manufacturing industries.

The Phoenix Tool team has experience with many different types of mold construction techniques, including:

  • Standard/Custom Mold Bases
  • M.U.D. Inserts
  • Conventional Runner Systems/Hot Runner Systems
  • Three Plates Molds
  • Automatic Unscrews and Collapsible Cores Molds
  • Mechanical/Pneumatic/Hydraulic Action Molds
  • Two-Shot Molds

Advanced Mold-Building Technology

Phoenix Tool utilizes the latest technological advancements to complete its mold builds and repairs, including MasterCAM, several CNC EDM machines, high-speed milling machines, and precision surface grinders. Phoenix Tool’s automated EDM and graphite milling cell employs a robotic system, allowing the company to operate 24/7 for maximum efficiency.

Before shipment, Phoenix Tool utilizes CMM, Micro Vu and comparator technology to check the mold against customer requirements and industry standards. 

View a complete list of Phoenix Tool’s mold-building technology and equipment.


Mold Building Capabilities

Phoenix Tool has the capacity to mold intricate parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. It can build molds as large as a 500-ton injection molding press, though it primarily focuses on building molds for parts with smaller dimensions. And with an extensive list of mold-making materials—including 420 stainless, S-7 H-13, A-2, D-2, M-2, Caldie, P-20, 4140 and other tool steel upon request—Phoenix Tool stands ready to create molds for a wide variety of applications, such as parts for the medical, automotive, electronics, and appliance industries.

Product and Toolmaking Expertise

Comprehensive project management has proven to be vital to Phoenix Tool’s success. With every mold build, its team provides:

  • Guidance and support, from design through part production
  • Open communication with weekly mold progress reports 
  • On-time delivery
  • A company guarantee: Phoenix Tool’s press-ready molds are 99% up and running on the first sample. If the mold doesn’t work the first time, its team will rework it at no cost to the customer.

Mold Maintenance, Expedited Repairs, and Reverse Engineering

A plastic injection mold requiring repair means time is of the essence. Phoenix Tool is equipped to offer expedited mold repairs to minimize production downtime. If damage is beyond repair, Phoenix Tool provides reverse engineering services to rebuild the plastic injection mold that was lost.

The mold-making team also specializes in preventative maintenance to avoid breakdowns and ensure molds are running at peak performance.

A quality, high-precision plastic injection mold is an investment that can last a business for years, and Phoenix Tool treats every project with the diligence and mission-critical care it deserves. Send Phoenix Tool your completed CAD design or contact its engineering team to get started today.

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