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Injection molding is today’s preferred manufacturing process for the fabrication of plastic parts. But, making a superior part requires a superior mold, necessitating the involvement of an experienced injection molding design and build team. Choosing the right partner is often the deciding factor determining whether a product makes it to market on time and on budget.

Phoenix Tool LLC is a high-precision injection mold designer and builder in Maribel, WI with a customer base that spans North America. The company specializes in small-to-medium-sized intricate tools with tight tolerances, including molds for the medical, automotive, electronics and appliance industries. Phoenix Tool provides comprehensive support, from engineering services that improve moldability through routine injection mold maintenance and repair. Its team also offers in-house fixture design and build as well as a number of other value-added support services.

Regardless of the part you need, you can have the utmost confidence Phoenix Tool’s team of expert toolmakers will build the mold you need to succeed. Every Phoenix Tool mold is tailored to specifications, held to stringent quality standards and completed on time, every time.

Phoenix Tool Services

Pro Engineer Creo - Design
MasterCAM Programming + CNC
High Speed Hard Milling
High-Speed Electrode Cutting
EDM Electrode Burning
Wire EDM
Mold Repair
Engineering Changes
High Speed Hard Milling

Plastic Injection Mold Engineering and Design


Phoenix Tool’s engineering team is one of the company’s major assets, analyzing each project’s design to find ways to optimize precision and productivity to save customers time and money on their mold.


Robotics and Automation for Maximum Efficiency


In its Maribel, WI-based facility, Phoenix Tool manufactures a variety of injection molds, ranging from prototypes to complex, multi-cavity molds. The company uses state-of-the art technology and equipment to complete the work, including Pro Engineer Creo and Creo Design Software, MasterCAM, several CNC EDM machines, high-speed milling machines, and precision surface grinders. Phoenix Tool’s automated EDM and graphite milling cell employs a robotic system, allowing the company to operate 24/7 for maximum efficiency. 


View a complete list of Phoenix Tool’s mold-building technology and equipment.

Customer-First Commitment


Phoenix Tool has always recognized that a customer-first focus is the key to lasting success. Maximizing productivity while lowering manufacturing costs are the main objectives of nearly any client, so Phoenix Tool’s engineers set those targets as primary goals going into every project. 

Phoenix Tool’s decades of plastic injection mold design and build experience have underscored the importance of taking project management seriously. Nothing helps to build a long-term client relationship more than making effective communication priority number one. The Phoenix Tool team regularly reviews the status of projects and keeps its partners informed as its team progresses. Honest and upfront communication is a pillar of Phoenix Tool’s commitment to clients.

60+ Years of Injection Mold Design and Build Experience


Phoenix Tool owes its success to the people who make up the heart and soul of its drive to deliver quality and efficiency every day. Since its inception in 2010, the company has been led by industry veterans who empower the Phoenix Tool team through a culture of innovation, cooperation and continuous improvement.

Many employees at Phoenix Tool have dedicated their lives to designing and building plastic injection molds. The leadership team alone has more than 114 combined years of experience in the industry, with all of its state indentured journeymen each having between 10-30 years of mold building and quality assurance experience. Every team member takes great pride in their attention to detail and honoring deadlines. This dedication to efficiency is another pillar of Phoenix Tool operations and has been modeled by management from the very beginning.

Phoenix Tool's Leadership Team



Toolmaker, Sales, Quoting | Equal Member

In his free time, Shawn likes biking, hunting, fishing, gardening, and canning.


Sales, Quoting and Engineering | Equal Member

Darrin’s interests include camping, spending time outside and hiking.


Craig Van Ess

Shop Floor Manager, Lead Toolmaker | Equal Member

Craig likes to spend time outdoors fishing, hunting and camping.

Growing for the Future


Phoenix Tool’s state indentured apprenticeship program provides an influx of up-and-coming, ambitious workers in the plastic injection molding trade. The company presently has four apprentices working within various stages of the program.

Made in USA

Those who have already worked with Phoenix Tool know the logo represents quality work. It’s a mark that signifies an injection mold made with pride in the United States of America. That locally-made quality is the third pillar of Phoenix Tool’s philosophy. Building it right, on time and here in our backyard is the kind of manufacturing that builds something else: a loyal customer base. 


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