Why Choose Phoenix Tool?

Phoenix Tool has always been committed to supporting its customers’ success. Seeing customers thrive drives the Phoenix Tool team to continue delivering quality work, day in and day out. It’s reciprocal, because that consistently high-caliber work is one of the many reasons Phoenix Tool is sought after by businesses in many sectors. There are a variety of ways Phoenix Tool stands out from the competition.


Phoenix Tool’s designers actively work with tooling engineers to improve the overall moldability of the most complex parts.

Press-ready molds are 99% up and running on the first sample. It’s a company guarantee: If the mold doesn’t work the first time, Phoenix Tool will rework it at no cost to the client.


Phoenix Tool stops at nothing to meet or exceed its promised delivery time, whether the project is a new mold, an adjustment, a repair or even refurbishing a mold from a competitor.

On-time delivery and lead time are interconnected. The Phoenix Tool team actively manages projects by communicating consistently and proactively with customers.


Customers are supported by a team of state indentured journeymen with more than 60 years of mold-building experience, knowledge, and insight.

It’s easy to see why Phoenix Tool customers develop deep trust in the company. Molds are manufactured with a high-accuracy guarantee, delivered on time, made in an open and honest process and shepherded to the finish line by a team with decades of experience. To learn more about how Phoenix Tool can help with the design and build of your plastic injection mold, contact us online or call (920) 863-5555.

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