Design and Engineering

Starting a plastic injection molding project without a proper design is like shooting darts wearing a blindfold. You’ll eventually hit the target, but it’s bound to take you more time and effort than if the impediment was removed. Translated to the manufacture of plastic parts: Moldability issues uncovered during the production process will incur significant, costly delays, so why not begin the work in the best position possible?

With decades of experience in mold design and building to frame their approach, Phoenix Tool’s engineers employ an optimal strategy by asking targeted questions and reviewing a potential design against every possible parameter to ensure it stacks up. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” refers to the woodworking trade, but the axiom is not lost on the team here.

Customer Design Assistance

Regardless of whether your next project is sketched on a scratch pad or delivered through a detailed blueprint, Phoenix Tool engineers are fully prepared to cultivate ideas alongside their customers. Such brainstorming often presents cost-saving opportunities and improvements to moldability.

A completed mold design typically takes 2-10 days, depending on the complexity of the part involved. A design’s timeline may also be extended by mold analysis or engineering changes requested by the customer.


Advanced Engineering Technology

Utilizing Pro Engineer Creo 3.0 and Creo 6.0 Mold Design Software with EMX Add-On, Phoenix Tool’s engineering team is equipped to handle any complex plastic injection mold design.

Mold-Flow Analysis

Using carefully-vetted partners, Phoenix Tool ensures quality and efficiency by conducting mold-flow analysis to designs if required by the customer. Through the analysis, engineers are able to predict how the material will flow through the mold and into its cavities, thereby catching potential problems before production. Mold-flow analysis is a powerful tool that can reduce the occurrence of defective components and lower production costs. 

Whether you’re looking to develop an intricate design, improve a product’s speed to market, or boost your bottom line, Phoenix Tool’s engineers stand ready to solve the toughest plastic injection mold challenges. To learn more about the benefits of Phoenix Tool’s plastic injection molding design and engineering services, contact us today.

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