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Phoenix Tool supports a wide range of industries with powerful technology wielded by an experienced team. Time and again, the company has solved complex plastic injection mold design and build challenges and helped customers through confusing industry regulations and certification requirements.

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Often considered a technological trendsetter, the fiercely competitive automotive industry requires plastic injection molds that meet an unrelenting demand for improved performance. Automotive molds are among the most complex to design and build in any sector. 

The Phoenix Tool team has the experience and capability to deliver challenging automotive molds that are 99% up and running on the first sample. Its engineering team can also update and reverse engineer an existing plastic injection mold, even if it was made by a competitor.  

Phoenix Tool has designed and built plastic injection molds for a wide variety of parts for Tier 1 and 2 automotive suppliers, including:


  • Inner transmission parts
  • Brakes
  • Electrical components
  • Interior components
  • Die cast molds for key housings


Phoenix Tool excels at projects that demand precision, tight tolerances and accuracy of the highest level. Such projects come from the health care, labware, and microbiology industries, among others. 

Since medical products are closely tied to health and safety, maintaining consistent quality throughout the entire process of designing and building a medical product’s mold is crucial.

Using CMM, Micro Vu and comparator technology, Phoenix Tool has established rigorous inspection protocols to ensure production is always at the highest quality and meets the strict specifications and compliance requirements of medical products. 

The company has partnered with companies across the country to produce a wide variety of molds for medical applications:

  • EpiPens
  • DNA testing trays
  • Vials
  • Medical vacuuming systems
  • Defibrillator enclosures/boxes
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Electronics are only as dependable as their weakest component and often require ultra-precise parts that can tolerate countless cycles.

Phoenix Tool’s CNC EDM technology, high speed milling machines, and precision surface grinders enable intricate, tight-tolerance molds to be created with great accuracy. Plastic injection molds designed and built for electronics are optimized for high-speed, high-cavitation, and high-volume applications, producing millions of identical parts over time.

No matter the kind of electronic that needs to be manufactured, a plastic injection mold designed and made by Phoenix Tool will decrease costs and improve output. 

The company’s team services a wide range of various electronics needs, including molds for the following products:

  • Phone covers
  • Plugs
  • Insert molding


The greatest challenge for businesses trying to turn a profit in this global economy lies within the consumer goods and appliance sectors. Phoenix Tool maximizes the return on investment for every product by utilizing a robotic system and automation to minimize labor costs, enabling customers to remain competitive.

Phoenix Tool excels at designing and building molds for a wide variety of appliance parts, including:

  • Plugs
  • Insert molding
  • Handles
  • Timers

Contact Phoenix Tool today to discuss the unique plastic injection mold requirements of your specific industry.

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